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Listening, supporting and being a partner

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We have a practical perspective

Our consulting activities are characterised by the personal dialogue with our clients. To us this is to communicate at eye level. Our motto - listen, support and be a partner – emphasises the individual way of dealing with a client. This is why a successful project is not only based on the technical expertise but also on the social competence of our consultants. This is completed by the operational experience of our staff.

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Together we increase your company’s success

First, project goals are defined as these are the foundation of the concept. For the development of a schedule, our company relies on the industry-specific know-how as well as on the empathy of our staff. The philosophy of your company as well as the value and the strategy will be taken into account. A lasting improvement of quality and the efficiency of work are paramount.

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Following the path together

The concept forms the initial situation for the implementation. It is important for the change process that we work together as a team. Here, our company relies on a continuous dialogue within the project team. This ensures the acceptance of the change process and thus the ideal development of your company.

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Perceive changes, develop innovations, use opportunities

Only companies with goals can develop themselves and can implement changes. That does not mean to stand still and relax but to make one step after the other. On the way, your company will again and again be confronted with unknown challenges, and together we will overcome these obstacles. Our consultants have an eye for the latest innovations and possess the technical know-how through many years of professional experience. Special topics, such as M&A transactions, can be assessed by our consultants with a view into the future of mergers or takeovers.

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Saving time and achieve more together

The service range of MC IT-Partners GmbH includes consulting, concept development and implementation. 

The service range of MC- IT-Partners includes consulting, concept development and implementation. In addition, we support your company in respect of special topics, such as M&A transactions. Customer orientation comes first in our company. Our clients are our partners and that means that we communicate at eye level. Our support continues, evan agta a project has been completed; because the phase following the end of a project ist the most challenging for your company. New processes have to be stabilised, the staff's acceptance of change has to be created an error management has to be introduced. MC IT-Partners ist at your side. We focus on the personal dialogue with our customers, the indiciduality of the solutions and the increase of the addes value for your company. A successful project does not only require technical know-how, but also the consultants' empathy and operative expertise. And that ist what our staff possesses. This ist why our consulting form is characterised by measurable success as well as a high added value for our clients.


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