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Data protection/Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting our website. In the following, we would like to inform you how we process your personal data in connection with the use of our website. 

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Queries in respect of data protection and exercise of your rights
For queries in respect of data protection or exercise of rights you are entitled to with regard to data protection, please use the contact data above.

When do we process personal data
We process personal data that are actively transmitted through your entries. Further, we process personal data in an automated way based on the use of our website. The processing of your personal data may take place especially in the following cases:
⁃ visiting our website;
⁃ getting in contact with us;
⁃ defending attacks against our technical infrastructure.

For further details, please refer to the following explanations. 

Visiting our website
When you visit our website, the company which operates our website in our name processes and stores the technical information of the device you use (operating system, screen resolution and other non-personal details, as well as the browser (version, language selection), especially the public IP address of the computer with which you are visiting our website, including date and time of the access. The IP address is a unique numeric address from which your device sends or retrieves data to or from the Internet. Generally, we or our service provider do not know whose IP address it is, unless you provide us with data during the visit of our website which allows us to identify you. Further, a user may be identified if legal action is taken (e.g. in the event of attacks against our website) and we become aware of the identity in the course of the preliminary proceedings. Generally, you don’t need to worry that we are able to associate your IP address with your person.
Our service provider uses the processed non-personal data for statistical purposes so that we are able to understand which devices and which settings are used for visiting our website to optimise the same, if required. Such statistics do not include personal data.  The legal basis for the collection of statistics is set forth in section 6 subsection 1 f) GDPR.
The IP address is further used to enable you to technically retrieve and use our website as well as to identify and protect our service provider and our website against attacks. Unfortunately, attacks happen again and again to cause damage to the service providers of websites or their users (e.g. avoiding access, spying on data, distributing of malware (e.g. viruses) or other illegal purposes. The intended functionality of our service provider’s computer centre, the use of our website or its functionality as well as the security of the visitors of our website would be jeopardised by such attacks. The processing of the IP address, including the time of access is done to defend against such attacks. Through the processing by our service provider we pursue a legitimate interest to ensure the functionality of our website and to defend illegal attacks against ourselves and our website as well as against the visitors of our website. The legal basis for the processing is set forth in section 6 subsection 1 f) GDPR.
The stored IP data are deleted (by anonymization) when these are no longer used for the identification or defence of an attack. 

Contact request
If you want to send us a message through one of the offered contact opportunities we use the data you provide us for the processing of your request. This is legally based on our legitimate interest to respond to your request according to section 6 subsection 1 f) GDPR. As far as your request is connected with a conclusion or execution of a contract with us, the legal basis for the processing is set forth in section 6 subsection 1 b) GDPR. The data will be deleted after your request has been completed. If we are legally obliged to a longer storing period the data are deleted after the respective period is expired.

The right to be informed
According to section 15 GDPR you are entitled to demand a confirmation as to whether the personal data regarding your person is processed by us. If this is the case you have the right to be informed about such personal data and to receive further information, which is set forth in section 15 GDPR.

The right to rectification 
According to section 16 GDPR you are entitled to demand from us the immediate correction of incorrect personal data regarding your person. Taking the purpose of processing into consideration, you are also entitled to demand the completion of incomplete personal data – even through an additional statement.

The right to erasure
You have the right to demand that personal data about yourself are deleted immediately by us. We are obliged to immediately delete personal data if the corresponding prerequisites of section 17 GDPR are fulfilled. For further details, please refer to section 17 GDPR.

The right to restrict processing
Pursuant to section 18 GDPR you have the right, under specific circumstances, to demand a limited processing of your personal data.

The right to data portability
According to section 20 GDPR you have the right to receive the personal data about your person which you provided to us in a structured, common and machine readable format. And you have the right to freely transfer these data to another responsible person, if the processing is based on a consent according to section 6 subsection 1 a) GDPR or section 9 subsection 2 a) GDPR or on a contract according to section 6 subsection 1 b) GDPR and the processing is carried out by means of automated procedures.

The right to object
According to section 21 GDPR you have the right to object to the processing of personal data about your person which is carried out on the basis of section 6 subsection 1 letter e or f GDPR. This also applies to the profiling based on these provisions.

If we process your personal data for the purpose of direct advertising you are entitled to object at any time to the processing of your personal data about your person for the purpose of such advertising. This also applies to the profiling, if this is associated with such direct advertising.

If you want to exercise any of the rights you are entitled to, please contact the responsible person using the above contact data or use one of the opportunities offered by us to send us a message. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Existing right of appeal with a regulatory body
According to section 77 GDPR you have the right to file a complaint with a regulatory body, regardless of other administrative or judicial remedies. This right exists especially in the member state of your residence, place of work or the place where the alleged breach occurred, if you think that the processing of your personal data violates the GDPR.

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