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Today, M&A transactions gain more and more importance to be one step ahead of the competition. The mergers as well as the acquisitions originating from your company belong to the most responsible projects of our consultants.

Based on the long-term experience we are able to give a qualified assessment of the transaction in the different company areas. In addition, we know where technical debts as well as need for investment exist. One of the most important elements of M&A transactions is the IT due diligence. Here, our consultants identify chances and risks of the IT infrastructure, for these are of special importance when the decision for a business acquisition or business merger is to be taken. Also, we continue to support our customers even after the business merger. Because to us customer relation means responsibility. Our company fulfils this obligation by not only adapting to, but through living change, innovation and sustainability together with our customer. This forms the basis of gaining long-term partnerships. And that means we continue where others stop and accompany you even after the conclusion of a successful project. This is especially important after a business merger.

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