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Gradual takeover of responsibility in the MC group

Being the founder of the MC MARKETING CORPORATION group, I have focussed on finding partners within the group as well as outside of it during the past few years; partners, who will contribute to the future success of the MC group, which has been well-established in the consulting and service sector since 1988.

At my side I have Thomas Lang, an in-house partner who, , in addition to myself, is responsible for the business of the MC CAPITAL PARTNERS GMBH as managing associate.

And in Peter Knütel I found an in-house partner who very successfully developed the MC PERSONALCONSULTING + COACHING + INTERIM-MANAGEMENT GMBH with my support.

I was able to recruit Thomas Berns for the MC Group already in October 2014. Since then, Thomas Berns, as managing associate, has progressively taken over my tasks in the MC MARKETING CORPORATION GMBH and has also been responsible for the development of the MC IT PARTNERS GMBH and the MC RELATIONSHIP MARKETING GMBH in the same capacity.

Furthermore, we sparked the enthusiasm of Andreas Kindt for the MC Group in 2016 and whose successful company ando consulting & business services GmbH then became part of our group. 
Today, he manages the MC MARKETING CORPORATION GMBH as well as the MC IT PARTNERS GMBH as managing associate at the side of Thomas Berns. And he also became a shareholder of MC RELATIONSHIP MARKETING GMBH in 2018.

The “freshmen” who became part of our group of companies is Idris Nizami. As managing associate he will contribute his know-how as to the strategic orientation of organisations, the development and restructuring of service units as well as the management of marketing and sales to the MC RELATIONSHIP MARKETING GMBH.

Horst Jepp

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