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MC IT-Partners GmbH is part of the MC Marketing Corporation group with headquarters in Bad Homburg.

In addition to the traditional IT disciplines, such as portfolio management and project management, MC IT-Partners assists you with the digital transformation changes, which affect the respective added value with regard to its width and depth or often renders it obsolete. Such changes are not new; they have been part of the IT since the beginning of information technology in its most different nature and quality. Based on a high methodological expertise and especially an understanding of the customer-specific challenges we are able to apply digital transformation in line with a defined business case of the customer and their needs.

MC IT-Partners GmbH has an international partner network to be able to adapt to the customer requirements in a flexible way. The network is well-proven. This is confirmed by more than 100 successfully completed projects. The proximity to universities and research ensures that we are involved in useful developments and that these are introduced in customer projects.

We shall be pleased to personally present our consulting company and would appreciate a personal visit at your site or in our headquarters in Bad Homburg.

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